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Steps to Recruitment

Our recruitment service is a fully contingent fee system, so there are no fees to be incurred until your decision in hiring the personnel we introduce.

①Recruitment Consultation

Please contact us directly or use our online recruitment form to consult us about the details of our recruiting service. Our company representative will contact you shortly.

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②Sending of Necessary Documents

We will send you a set of necessary documents, including the terms and conditions regarding the use of our service.

③Selection of Candidates

We will begin searching for corresponding candidates based on your recruiting requirements. As a general rule.

④Candidate Referral

Upon receiving our candidate referral (we will send you the necessary documents, such as resumes, in data form), we ask that you conduct screening of those documents.


We will coordinate the date and time for interviewing the candidates you are interested in. Our office is available for the interview location.


For those candidates who are given a job offer from your company, we will determine a starting date after first confirming their intent for employment and negotiating any employment terms.Additionally, we provide support in events such as the conclusion of employment contracts.

⑦Your New Hire Begins Work
⑧Follow-up After Employment

We provide post-employment follow-up services for both the company and personnel at any time.Additionally, we offer free consultation regarding any labor-related issues that you may have.