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Steps to Employment

At echoas, our industry experienced consultants strive to introduce to you jobs that best suit your individual life and career plans.

①Employment Consultation

Please send us your resume directly or use our online form to register.Our company representative will contact you shortly.

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②Your Visit to echoas

Please make a visit to our company office for an interview with our consultant.

③Job Referral

We aim to introduce you to an ideal job position that best matches your desires and career.

④Candidate Screening

Document screening will be conducted by the company that you apply to.


We will arrange for an interview as soon as receiving a request for an interview from a company.
We will handle all matters, such as scheduling or post-interview negotiation of terms, on your behalf. Please feel free to consult us on any concerns that you may have during your job hunting activities.

⑥Job Offer

After confirming your intent to join the company, we will decide on a starting date. With regard to the terms and conditions of your employment, our consultants will negotiate and provide support until both parties are satisfied. Additionally, we provide support in events such as the conclusion of your employment contract.

⑦You Begin Your New Job!
⑧Follow-up After Employment

Please do not hesitate to consult us with any concerns that you may have after beginning your new job, such as work-related troubles or problems with the work environment.