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Privacy Policy

echoas Recruitment Thailand (hereinafter referred to as ”echoas”, "we","our", or "us") is committed to taking the following precautions in order to protect the personal information of the registrant. By registering your personal information with us and using our service, you will be deemed to consent to our use of your personal information.

1. What is Personal Information

echoas defines personal information as information pertaining to individuals, and refers to names, birth dates, and other descriptions, individually assigned numbers such as passport/ID numbers, symbols, notations, and other contents that can identify individuals such as by means of images. echoas shall only acquire and use personal information within the scope that is necessary for the purpose of matching appropriate information given by job seekers to corresponding information given by company recruiters, and based on the consent of job seekers to disclose such relevant information to company recruiters during the application process.

2. Purposes of Use and Provision of Personal Information

echoas shall use and provide the personal information obtained from job seekers for the following purposes listed below. The use of personal information shall be clearly notified in advance to the individual, and individual consent shall be received prior to use, except in the case of releasing the personal information of job seekers mandated by the Kingdom of Thailand's Ministry of Labour.

  • (1) The provision and administration of our company services.
  • (2) Provision of personal information to company recruiters.
  • (3) Identification and authentication of the individual.
  • (4) Hosting of events and dispatching of presents.
  • (5) Implementation of surveys.
  • (6) Follow-up services and responding to inquiries.
  • (7) Notification of other services administered by our company.

3. Disclosure, Revision, and Deletion of Private Information

Registrants may make a request to echoas for the deletion, revision, and deletion of the private information provided at any time.